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Today in science we learned about how rainbows are made, reflection, refraction and absorption.  To better understand this, we lined in "rainbow" order and talked about how absorption would effect each person differently.  As you can see, from the first picture, they made some changes to the order.

Kanopolis Field trip Info - May 11

Dear Parents,
Our field trip to Kanopolis is on Thursday, May 11.  We will leave school at 8:15 am and return right before dismissal at 3:05 pm. We will need lots of parent support, so if you are available, we would love to have you attend. 
Here is the sign up genius with all the details and needs we have for the trip. We thank you in advance for your time, talents, and donations. It is always a fun trip and the kids really learn a ton! We will be guided by Kanolpolis Park Rangers on our hike, and we also have a pelt presentation and open fishing. Please sign up for anything you are willing and able to. 
Please read the information inside the sign up carefully. It holds details for you and your kiddos! 

Puberty Videos

Dear Parents, 
Just a reminder that we watched the puberty video today at school. It may be good to watch this with them again this weekend. Both groups were separated by gender to watch these. Thanks for having these discussions. We do this on FRIDAY at the END of the day on purpose, so that students will not be able to DISCUSS at length with each other. We hope they are asking YOU about these questions before they get the wrong information from each other. 
HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND...and good luck!

HGSS State Symbol Argumentative Essay

Dear Parents,
We are currently learning about government at the state and federal level.  Students were given the task to research our current state symbols and pick one state symbol they believe best represents Kansas.  Then they worked on writing an persuasive essay where they have to defend (persuade) the state symbol by writing:
  •  a thesis (claim).  For example: The best state symbol for Kansas is...
  • providing three reasons why they believe it's the best representation of Kansas - For example: The best state symbol for Kansas is ________ because __________, _________ and ____________.  Students need to make sure the reasons they pick are relating back to the importance of representing Kansas.
  • This will be graded using a state rubric for the Kansas Social Studies State Assessments.  This is the first year that scores will be recorded in this subject area for 4th grade.
This persuasive essay needs to be finished by Monday, April 24.  A lot of kids are taking their computers home to finish over the weekend.  They need to make sure they bring their computer back to school on Monday.
I have attached the rubric that will be used to grade the persuasive essay for the Kansas State Assessment.